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RapidScale is the global leader in Desktop as a Service. Our service provides you with enterprise-level infrastructure and reliability for the lowest rates. With RapidScale's CloudDesktop you'll have access to your apps on any device, globally. Let our CloudIntelligence team design the right CloudDesktop solution for you. We are the next generation computer.

Desktop-as-a-Service offers advanced computing power in the Cloud.

DaaS - Desktop as a Service

If someone were to mention DaaS to you, you might have no idea what they were talking about. It sounds like a foreign word, not an abbreviation. However, it is an abbreviation that stands for Desktop as a Service. What is Desktop as a Service? It is something which is becoming increasingly necessary among businesses as today’s technology advances. But that’s not all. Our DaaS solutions allow our customers to focus on their core business while letting us provide them with an enterprise-level infrastructure for the lowest costs. We offer superior performance and solutions for businesses of all sizes. Built with flexibility, scalability and reliability in mind, our service will provide you with the best service you can find.

Desktop as a Service is necessary among business because it allows for workers to remain connected remotely. You’re probably thinking, ‘that’s all?’ but it’s so much more than it seems. If you have DaaS within your company, then you’re allowing your employees and co-workers to share information freely and easily. They will have access to their desktop from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. They can use the device of their choice, whether they prefer a laptop or a tablet, because our Desktop as a Service works on them all. Think about how practical that is. If you need to go on a trip but need to lighten your load, leave the laptop behind. You can go to an internet café, log onto your virtual desktop, and bam, you have access to your files, emails, applications and anything else you’d be able to access if you were in the office. Gone are the days of bustling around carrying stacks of paperwork and hauling around your laptop. Now you can access your work easily.

Now a simple service allows for you to just worry about running your business. You don’t even have to worry about security. With Desktop as a Service, your important data is stored virtually, so even if your office space is destroyed, you would still have access to all of your files and programs. This is not just great for the workers, but the employers also. They know that everything can be backed up and accessed easily. It’s the ultimate disaster recovery solution. Don’t stress about security. We take care of it. We offer around the clock support for you with DaaS and monitor your network all the time. Your corporate information will remain absolutely safe with our Desktop as a Service.

And what about price? These amazing benefits must come at a high cost, right? Nope. We offer all of this at the most affordable prices for you. Our Desktop as a Service is tailored to fit the needs and wants of your company. You choose what you use, and you can pay for just that if you want. Otherwise, opt for our fixed and predictable monthly payment plan, and we’ll set you up with a sophisticated and reliable infrastructure. Either way, you can’t go wrong. DaaS will save you money on hardware, software, installation and maintenance. You receive automatic updates for your programs for free, and all of your applications can be purchased and immediately accessed through the virtual desktop. It’s simple.

The technical workings behind DaaS are far more complicated than all of this, but the benefits remain. If you are interested in learning more about the service and how to use it, contact us today to learn more about our virtualization networks and Desktop as a Service. You can speak to a live representative who will be able to explain the technical details in terms you will understand.

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